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Debbie R
Best Chiropractor I’ve been to I just moved back to Virginia after living in Florida for 3 years. I have severe back, knee, sciatica pain, etc. I went to see Dr Broussard and I don’t have enough words to say how relieved I am. He and Leah worked on me from adjustments, ultrasounds, neck and scoliosis therapy, tens etc. I could actually walk out with very little pain. It’s 2 days later and I’m virtually pain free after ONLY ONE VISIT!!!! This is the best chiropractor I’ve been to!! And Leah is amazing, along with his staff. Cannot wait to go back tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Laura Sacks
Best Chiropractor Ever I come to see him from Palm Beach FLA every time I am in town. He is the best!
Melissa SJ
Consistent Focused Therapy I have been seeing Dr. Broussard for more than a year. I first came in a little skeptical (of chiropractors in general) but with a case of sciatica that had me unable to walk out normal day to day activity much less my active lifestyle. I'd heard stories about chiropractors bringing you in for the quick snap-crackle-pop with little concern for long term health. I started his twice weekly care program consisting of TENS, adjustments, and eventually dry needling. After recovery of the sciatica episode I've continued to come back for maintenance visits every 3rd week. Dr. Broussard is attentive to each patient's specific needs. With a menu of different therapies he'll meet them where they are, and work toward optimal condition. Whether you are overcoming injury or looking for an ongoing self-care solution I recommend Ashburn Chiropractic and Rehab.
WHOLE NEW WALK I've been seeing Dr. B for about a month now and from the very first adjustment I felt like a new person...after a week I was sleeping like a rock! Thank you Dr. B! You are amazing and your staff is just as amazing!
David Mawyer
You will be amazed. This entire office, Doc and his staff are amazing. They always take the time to discuss what your concerns are. Doc does through treatments. The staff is simply amazing. They make you completely comfortable, walk and talk you through each procedure. Extremely professional and this group is the best I have had in my many years of Chiropractic care. I strongly recommend this practice. Go see them and make your life better. Being is pain is not a way of life.
New Review
Hi Let me tell about doctor Broussard I have been in several chiropractor due to my neck and back problem and doctor Broussard is the one of the finest and caring chiropractor I have met. He is a fine gentleman and know what he does. He is caring, patient and take a great care and pride in what he does. I am always greeted with a smile and respect. I feel he treats me as a family member and that is a big plus. That tells me he is a great warm hearted family man who deeply cares about his patient and it is not all about money for him. He spends a lot of time on his patient and for him is not just do a quick fix. I have been seen by him once a week for at least 12 sessions when I was in extreme pain and thanks God and thanks to him I am much better and on my way to full recovery and do not have any plan to quit my treatment any time soon until full recovery. I have nothing but good words and respect for Doctor Broussard and will give him Five star rating."
Matt K. 09/27/17
New Review 2

I have never used a chiropractor before, but it was recommended to me after my sons and I were in an accident. We had a great experience being treated by Dr. Wish and his awesome assistant, Jorge. They care about their patients, listen to their feedback, educate them, and treat them with many different modalities. It was a positive environment to recover in. Thanks, Dr. Wish!"
Jen M. 09/27/17
New Review 3

I personally want to thank Dr. Broussard, Jorge and the wonderful staff at Ashburn Chiropractic & Rehab Center. Since my first visit last year you guys made it a memorable experience for me. I've been treated here for neck/back pains over the last 2 years while I was involved in a couple of unfortunate accidents. What truly separates the rest is the fact everyone is treated like family. If anybody is looking for someone who cares about your well beings, gets your life back together and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Broussard, Jorge and the staff at Ashburn Chiropractic & Rehab Center. They will make you feel like home. Thank you for all you do!!"
Allen N. 09/22/17
New Review 4

Dr. Broussard is absolutly amazing!!!! He is a doctor that truely cares about you and your whole body. He is excellant at finding the true cause of your pain. I have been to other doctors and dealing with my pain for years. Dr. Broussard is the only Doctor that has addressed the issues and fixed them. I trust him with my children too!! Thanks, Doctor B and to your wonderful Medical Assistant and Staff!!"
Jennifer S. 04/26/17
New Review 5

I have had an excellent experience here to this point. I felt the staff listened to my issues and have come up with a treatment plan to suit my needs, not just a generalized one size fits all kind. I feel like i am starting to make progress on my recovery, but it's still very early on and I have a bit of a long road ahead. I found the whole staff to be very polite, knowledgable, and oriented toward my recovery. The atmosphere is excellent here and everyone is so easy to deal with."
Justin R. 04/10/17
New Review 6

1st visit today for lower back pain. Dr. Broussard was very thorough in diagnosing what was causing my back pain. He is caring, took his time to explain my back issues and I left feeling better. I look forward to continued visits with him."
Lee K. 04/07/17
New Review 7

I feel much better!"
Lisa M. 03/16/17
New Review 8

I've been to many places and this is by far the best. Many different machines that get the job done and doc. Makes sure you walk out of the feeling great."
Julio R. 02/17/17
New Review 9

Dr. Broussard is fantastic. Him and his staff were extremely professional and gave me their full attention during my appointment. They did everything they could to not only make me feel comfortable but to get my healing process off to a fast start. I️ felt better after one visit and wish I️ visited a long time ago. After one visit I️ have already recommended that my younger brother, who is also an athlete, visit him. I liked that he was so experienced and knowledgeable with injuries from my sport. He was able to give me the best care possible. Highly recommend, especially for athletes or former athletes!


Megan Benitez

New Review 10

Dr. Broussard is the best!!!!! Caring and concerned for his patients and really wants his patients to feel better after they come to him. My whole family sees him. We will never go anywhere else."
Laura N. 02/03/17
New Review 11

Dr. Aloysius makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything in easy and relatable terms. He seems to always have the answer and the few times he isn't 100% sure he is quick to get back to you with information. I recommend him to all my friends and to any vet out there who has service related injuries and is looking for a solid chiropracto"
Bohdan O. 01/31/17
New Review 12

Thorough and complete examination; Dr. Broussard and his staff were very professional; pain abated quickly. Great job!"
Thomas G. 01/16/17
New Review 13 always!"
Rebekah S. 01/04/17
New Review 14

My husband and I absolutely love being patients of Dr. Broussard! Can't say enough about him! He is extremely knowledgeable, listens to your concerns, and makes sure you are satisfied during and after each appointment. His office has always been so accommodating to our schedules and the staff here is always friendly!"
Danielle W. 12/14/16
New Review 15

By far the best chiropractic office I have ever been to, Dr. Broussard is very professional and fun to work with, I highly recommend this place. Thank you so much for your amazing service."
Mina F. 11/28/16
New Review 16

Dr. Aloysius and his staff are very attentative to your problem and focusing on how best to correct the problem in the long run. Dr, Aloysius explains the issue and correction being made to your understand in simple terms, very flexible to your time available to your ability to attend. Very VA friendly and care for me like everyone equally, with full uninvited attention. Just want to say thank you to your team and taking care of all who enters your doors with the greatest of care! Carlos"
Carlos V. 11/19/16
New Review 17

I was scared of the whole back adjusting process so I put off going to see a chiropractor for a long time... but Dr. Broussard made the experience comfortable and 100x better than what I was expecting."
Fatima A. 11/09/16
New Review 18

Had too much stress on my back from lifting heavy weights which prevented me from working-out. Dr. Broussard adjusted my back and helped me get back on track with my workout schedule! Great doc & awesome staff, would definitely recommend to anyone, even if your not in pain...never hurts to get adjusted!!"
Sanya R. 08/10/16